Guest Post: An Adventurous Week in Cebu, Philippines

For spring break, I decided to fly to the Philippines and travel the islands around Cebu for about 10 days. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes, the friendliness of locals and the cheap rum, here are some ideas of activities you might fancy if you’re feeling like living the adventure of a lifetime!

Bohol: This pretty island is perfect if you want to explore and discover the beauty of the Philippines. Book a day tour to the Chocolate Hills and take this chance to discover the Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary, where you will quietly watch these tiny monkeys with massive eyes. If you’re not afraid of snakes, definitely stop by the Bohol Python Park where you can pet one of the biggest snakes in the world!

On the way back, make sure to stop at the Loboc Ecotourism Zipline where you will have a beautiful view on the forest and river. After a busy day, relax at Alona Beach and enjoy the view of white sand, clear water, coconut palm trees, and dozens of boats everywhere. It is a touristy place but sometimes those are worth a go!


Chocolate Hills, Bohol


Loboc Zipline, Bohol

Siquijor: This is my favorite island in the Philippines, but also one of the scariest. Siquijor is known for its black magic and weird events, most locals are afraid to even go near the island. If you’re curious and not afraid of weird things, you can rent a scooter and check the villages in the mountain, famous for voodoo magic, but be careful.

Check out Salagdoong Beach; filled with barbecues, you will come across locals cooking and offering you to join them for a meal. After that, head to the Cambugahay Falls where you can swim and relax. If you’re brave enough and if the water is high enough, try the jumping spots! The island is amazingly beautiful and tourist-free, so I definitely recommend it!


Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor


 Campugahay Falls, Siquijor

Oslob: If you want to swim with whale sharks, this is the place to go. However, I have to warn you, this is a very touristy place. You have to wait for an hour and a half even if you show up before 6am, the whale sharks are fed in order to have them stay near the tourists, and a lot of people are swimming at the same time, which can alter your experience.



Badian: Canyoneering around the Kawasan Falls was one of the highlights of my trip. A guide will take you around for about five hours, jumping from high or narrow places in a sky blue water and having the time of your life! The end of canyoneering ends with a 18 meters jump, which is optional but very impressive. If you want to challenge yourself while discovering the Philippines, this is definitely the activity for you!


Kawasan Falls, Badian

That’s it for my adventurous week around Cebu! If you’re ever traveling around the Philippines, you should also check out Boracay and Palawan, which are famous for their beautiful beaches. The people there are incredibly welcoming and funny and definitely made my trip better just with their smiles. I really hope this made you want to travel to this amazing country! I leave you with my video about the Philippines for a visual.

Jules XO

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One thought on “Guest Post: An Adventurous Week in Cebu, Philippines

  1. I didn’t bring enough money with me on my last trip to visit beyond IloIlo’s islas de gigantes and Tagaytay to visit Cebu, But i AM coming back next March or so and am really hoping to see all this 🙂 🙂 beautiful captures!


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