Weekend in Sedona, Arizona

Traveling to Arizona was so exciting for me! I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager so I had forgotten what it was like – and it surely did not disappoint. This northerner was not used to the dry heat in May or seeing so many cacti. The drive from Phoenix to Sedona was so picturesque, but little did I know what beautiful views Sedona had in store for me.

Sedona is unlike any other place I’ve been, and it’s also one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! The sights are just incredible, every view brings a new perspective to this beautiful small town – whether you are up close in the mountains or enjoying them from far away.


The highlight of being in Sedona was taking a two-hour Pink Jeep Tour. Pink Jeep Tour is a scenic, off-road and high-adventure ride in and around Sedona’s red rocks. There are a few different tours to choose from, but we chose the most popular one – the “rollercoaster tour” known as the Broken Arrow Tour. The term rollercoaster is because of the steep inclines, declines, and bumpy man-made trails that the Jeep endures along the trail.


Our tour guide and driver, Brandon, was so knowledgeable, friendly, witty, and overall made the experience so wonderful for us. There were six of us in the Jeep; we laughed a lot and held on tight, all while learning so much along the way. We learned why the red rocks are different colors, the history of the trails, about the plants along the way, and how often they replace the tires on the Jeep (once a year for those of you who are curious!) We got out of the open-air Jeep every so often to take in the scenery which made for some beautiful photographs. Sometimes it looked like the sky was fake, it really did look like a painting!




We saw many bikers and hikers attempting the trails without a guide. We also saw some Jeeps (not associated with the tour) along our same route – just thrilling! For an exhilarating video of a biker riding along the “white line”, a layer of limestone in the rock, take a deep breath before checking out this daredevil. I would never attempt this! Would you?


The powerful feeling of roaming the red rocks and waiting to see what was around every corner made for a wonderful time. It is memory I will forever hold onto. Have you ever been to Sedona or on a Pink Jeep Tour? I highly recommend it!


For more pictures of my time in Sedona, view this post.

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Pink Jeep Tour in Sedona Arizona

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