Captured Moments in: Cinque Terre

I loved visiting this area of the world, and although my time there was short, I got a good grasp of the five towns (Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso, Riomaggiore, and Manarola) that make up beautiful Cinque Terre. This charming Italian seaside is so picturesque. It is exactly what you picture when you think of coastal Italy… but 10x better in real life! I definitely recommend visiting and staying for a few days so you can experience it to the fullest. Travel through Cinque Terre with my pictures below!

evasigfinal (1)

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Eva joined Wonderlost as a contributor and finds great joy partnering with her best friend Erin! She enjoys the creativity writing gives and loves travel, tea time, planning, spontaneity, photography and putting the extra in the ordinary. Eva wants to share bits and pieces of her experiences to our readers in hopes they have the urge to plan their next adventure!

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