Paris Recap

Paris… what a dream! I feel like I blinked and it never happened – even though it most definitely did. My fiance and I had 5 amazing nights in the beautiful capital city of France. Our days were packed with so much adventure and I’d like to share some with you!


First, our stay at Millesime hotel couldn’t have been more perfect – the location was great (more on that later) and the concierge was really helpful with making dinner reservations for us. The bathroom was spacious and the bed was comfortable. The room was on the smaller side – but we weren’t even in it for that long! I would absolutely stay at this hotel on our next visit.

Hotel in Paris
View from hotel room

Camera in tow, we would head out in the morning, stop at a cafe for some fuel for the day, and hit the road walking. We had a loose itinerary of things we wanted to accomplish and set out to see the sights. After a full day of exploring, we would come back to our hotel and relax for a few hours before a late dinner. Then do it again the next day!

We enjoyed walking along the River Seine – the views from the river were my favorite. It is so peaceful walking along the river and admiring the beautiful architecture, the sights and sounds around us. I loved stopping along the bouquinistes, which are known in Paris as vendors who sell art, books and knick-knacks on the banks of the Seine.

Artwork along River Seine

River Seine

Another highlight was going up the Eiffel Tower. Walking toward the Eiffel Tower and seeing the beautiful structure from far away – then seeing it again up close was so breathtaking. I have been to Paris a few times before this trip, but seeing her again was just magical! I just can’t get enough of the Eiffel Tower.



We took the elevator to the top, and it was fun for me to see Carl’s expression while the pulley system lifted us higher and higher into the sky. We went to the way top and got champagne, because why not? It was chilly up there but it was still one of my best memories of the whole trip.



Musee d’Orsay was also a favorite of ours. It is set in an old train station and houses Impressionist art by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Van Gogh and more. Even though I have been a few times, each time is new to me; it is special to see these famous paintings in person! We also went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa of course, where mobs of people were taking selfies with her, and we did too!

Do you see that window above? The faint church on a hill in the distance is the famous Sacre Coeur church, located in the Montmartre neighborhood. Just a little north of the city is this adorable colorful area, an artist hub with small cobblestone streets and a quaint feel. We had lunch in Montmartre and walked around and watched artists paint. I even got a print for myself.



One of my favorite discoveries was the Palais-Royal. The symmetry of the gardens and courtyard of this palace in the 1st arr of the city were just so beautiful! Many people were strolling the grounds and taking in the sights. Contemporary art is represented in its main courtyard; Le Deux Plateaux – columns designed by Buren and two mobile fountains by Pol Bury.

Another highlight was taking a bateaux-mouche on the River Seine, a river cruise. Ours was an hour long and explained all of the sights as we passed them. We were able to learn some history of the city while taking in the sights from the water. It was quite the experience! We didn’t have dinner on the boat, but some tours offer dinner or champagne for your ride. These trips are longer than an hour and worth looking into. We caught ours near Île de la Cité / the Notre Dame, but there were many other spots to catch a boat cruise.



My favorite parts of the trip were our long and delicious dinners, admiring the architecture from every street corner, taking pictures of the beautiful colorful doors, and just spending time with the one I love. Stay tuned for more posts on Paris, coming in the next few weeks, to hear tips, see more pictures, and learn more about my dreamy trip to the city of love!

Au revior for now,

evasigfinal (1)

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