Guest Post: Bruges, Belgium

Sara Scherer is Erin’s sister (the founder of Wonderlost). She recently visited three countries in Europe and generously offered to share her experiences in the Netherlands, France, and Belgium with us! This is her final post in this series featuring charming Bruges, Belgium.  

Bruges, Belgium

Our travels also took us to Bruges, Belgium. If you love chocolate and beer, look no further! Bruges is like Brussels but without all the crowds. It’s a charming city where you feel more like a local than a tourist.

Ditch the car in this city—it’s small enough to walk everywhere. There are also horse and carriage rides, which I recommend. It’s a fun way to see the city and learn about it from a local. Most of the carriages leave from the Market of Bruges, which is the city center.


Every Wednesday, there is a huge outdoor market in the city center. The market has everything—fresh pastries, product, clothes, flowers, and more. It’s definitely worth planning your trip so that you’re there for the market.


There are plenty of cafés and chocolate shops everywhere you go. I bought delicious chocolates to bring home from The Chocolate Line, but you really can’t go wrong buying chocolate anywhere in Belgium.


Bruges is a quaint and relaxing city. It’s the perfect destination for a quiet summer getaway.

Thank you Sara, what a sweet town! You can read more from Sara in the links below: 

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Sara Scherer is a student at George Mason University School of Law in Arlington, Virginia. She is pursuing a career in criminal defense and criminal justice reform. In her spare time, she loves to explore with her sister and best friend - who also happens to be the founder of Wonderlost!

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