Staying Classy at the Biltmore


The Biltmore Hotel, located in Coral Gables, Florida, is one of the most breathtaking places I have had the fortune of visiting. The peach-colored building stands tall amongst swaying palm trees and crystal blue water. My cousin, Colette, was married a few years ago and my sister and I were part of the bridal party. We all stayed in a room at the Biltmore for a gorgeous, celebratory weekend I will never forget.

View from our porch
View from our porch
Another view from our porch
Another view from our porch

The weekend of the wedding was full- kicking off with a boisterous rehearsal dinner, a haunted night at the hotel, pampering before the wedding consisting of a huge brunch, followed by makeup and hair from professional stylists, and lots and lots (and lots) of pictures. The wedding ceremony was held in a stunning, old church called the Plymouth Congregational Church. A gorgeous (and hilariously entertaining) reception followed at the Miami Beach Women’s Club.  

The beautiful Bride
Plymouth Congregational Church

The weekend flew by. After the wedding was over, we still had the chance to spend the next day at the Biltmore. We relaxed by the pool, reminiscing on all the events from the night before. It isn’t often I get to stay in a fancy hotel, so when I do, I love to savor every special moment.

Staying Classy at the Biltmore
View from brunch

Before becoming a hotel, the Biltmore had a long, fascinating (and haunted) history. In World War II, the hotel was used as a military hospital, so a lot of veterans died during those years. And it is said that their ghosts still haunt the halls. In fact, there is no 13th floor because of another ghost haunting by a famous gangster who was shot and killed there. You can read more here if you want to learn more about the Biltmore’s haunted past.


My time at the Biltmore hotel was an unforgettable experience. If you are ever in South Florida and have the opportunity to pay it a visit, it will be well worth your time. Anyone can wander the grounds and they even have an incredible gym/spa for the public to use.

What fancy or historic hotels have you visited?

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